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Let us ​help you with your weak spots while you ​focus on what you do best–helping people in your community.

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With over 20 years consulting for non-profit​s and small businesses, we understand how to help those organizations achieve their goals as quickly and effectively as possible. Let us help you compete with the big fish out there.


When you bring on a consultant, you should feel like a priority. We'll make sure that we are being cost-efficient, timely, and catering the service to your individual needs. Great organizations deserve great service themselves.


We don't just work with anyone--we explicitly focus on the small business and non-profit sector because when an organization is clearly working to make an impact, we want to help them maximize those efforts.

What is it that we can do for you?

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Whether you're a newly formed Non-profit looking to make an impact or a small business looking to become profitable quickly, Kingdom Business Creations has multiple services available to help get you off the starting line fast.


Your organization has multiple moving parts, and multiple people running those parts. Managing them properly is both an art and a science--one that we've come to perfect over our twenty years of consulting. Shave some of the time off your learning curve by bringing us on to point you in the right direction.


Whether it's finding the right tools for your business, instilling strong corporate ethics, or just getting a second opinion on your vision for your organization, our consulting is the fastest way to advance towards a stronger organization that delivers on it's goals.

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Above all else, we prioritize integrity and values. Rather than provide a standard consulting experience, we help you examine the heart of the company to be 100% certain of the best way forward. After all, there are tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations, but each organization has its own individual vision. No two organizations are exactly the same, and so the consulting for your organization shouldn’t feel like a cookie-cutter experience. 

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​You’re good at what you do–that’s why you do it! Why not leave the things you’re ​not​ good at to the experts at Kingdom Business Creations?​​​